Our Services

Our Services


Our rooms offer you a comfortable and luxurious accommodation with their elegant and modern design. The comfortable beds in the interior will make you feel at home.

Eating and drinking

You can cook any meal you want in the common kitchen area of Bungalow Camping and enjoy the privilege of dining in nature. The common kitchens of the facility attract attention with their large areas and well-equipped scopes.


Bungalow Camping Wi-Fi facility is provided to all parts of the camping area 24/7. You can watch enjoyable movies and listen to unlimited music using the free internet connection.

Olympos Ancient City

Our hotel is only 4.5 km away from the ancient city of Olympos, which is famous for its historical and natural beauties. It is in a great location for our guests who want to discover the mystical atmosphere of Olympos. At this point where the ancient city is intertwined with history and nature, you can experience a peaceful and pleasant stay in our bungalows.

Olympos Beach

Our hotel is located only 4.5 km from the magnificent beach of Olympos. You can easily reach Olympos Beach, which is famous for the clarity of the sea and the natural beauty of the coast, and enjoy the sun and the sea.

Pet Friendly

While you are on holiday at Bungalow Camping, our loyal friends will enjoy being in touch with nature.

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